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Administrative Professionals Week in Canada

Administrative Professionals Week 2008 (APW) is now upon us, with Wednesday, April 23rd being designated as Administrative Professionals Day. It’s time to show your gratitude to your Admin Staff!


Established in 1952 as “National Secretaries Week,” it was created in order to acknowledge the effort and dedication such staff put forth, as well as to promote the Administrative industry in general. Here we are 56 years later and the occasion has evolved into an annual event celebrated in workplaces worldwide The official web site of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) has a wealth of information regarding the history of Administrative Professionals Week as well as recommendations for how employers can acknowledge their administrative staff, a listing of APW events and resources for administrative professionals.  It’s well worth the visit for employers and administrative staff alike!


Many companies hold seminars, set up educational events or fun activities. It is also a wonderful opportunity to present your staff with some treats, such as individual gift baskets containing their favourite treats or larger gift hampers to be shared amongst the entire administrative staff.


Don’t forget that Wednesday is Administrative Professionals Day. How will you show your administrative staff how much they are valued?

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